Wednesday. 01.04.2020 |
Wednesday. 01.04.2020

The 'Dembeliebers'

Dembélé, the anarchist. For Sique Rodríguez

Dembélé plays with 'Afro Trap' rhythm. And even his favourite singer is Mohamed Sylla, the player wins supporters with the Justin Bieber style. They are the 'Dembeliebers', young people attracted by the anarchy and the rebellion that characterise his way of playing.

Against Tottenham, Dembélé scored a wonderful goal. He celebrated it as Carmelo Anthony would do, because all what he does is typical from a teenager. Eccentricity is both his best virtue and his worst imperfection.

FCBarcelona knew it before signing him and the club try to control him. "He seems a little autistic", comment the team. At the beginning, the players took as a joke his lateness, but they finally became serious and Dembélé has been told off. "The footballers want to help him, but they have told him that he has to do his bit", explain the sports administration. Although Dembélé gets along well with everyone, he has not close friends. He does his own thing, as his hip hop idols do.

After his last delay, the club has punished him with a fine of 200.000 euros, his teammates had a conversation with him and Valverde decided to put Dembélé in the line-up against Tottenham.

It works. The French player was punctual and he responded with an amazing goal in the Champions League match in the Camp Nou. When Valverde substituted him, the fans gave him a standing ovation and he left the pitch returning the ovation.

Dembélé creates more 'Dembeliebers' following the Afro Trap rhythm.

The 'Dembeliebers'