Wednesday. 01.04.2020 |
Wednesday. 01.04.2020

Semedo's professionalism

Nelson Semedo has become a fixture, for Sique Rodríguez.

Nelson Semedo is an example of professionalism. FCBarcelona's coaching staff is so glad about his attitude. It is a shared opinion with his teammates and in the club.

Semedo trains greatly, he never complains, he is nice teammate and he is also polite with everyone. "If he plays in Valencia, everybody would be talking about him. But in Barcelona he goes unnoticed", explains one of the members of the staff. He wants to learn and he is growing as a player. "He is not Dani Alves but he ensures a mark of 7,5/8 and that is very important for a team", is added from Barça.

The Portuguese is a wise choice from Robert Fernández, the old technical secretary. In fact, the current board of directors consider him a great signing.

I was surprised when, in a conversation with Andrés Iniesta, he underlined Semedo's attitude in the training sessions, his speed and his strenght. Now, I am able to see that his daily work and his behavior is recognized by all the club. Discreetly, Semedo has earnt the respect of everyone.

Semedo's professionalism