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Wednesday. 01.04.2020

The bench, the biggest problem for La Masia guys

How to deal with the lack of minutes, for Cristian Martín

A manager responsible for the first team of FC Barcelona explais that ​​"before, reaching the first team was easier because the staff was not so competitive and talented but now the jump is from a subsidiary to the best team in the world". This reality does not only affect the youngest ones, even football players who come to be benchmarks in their teams and who at Barça watch the minutes pass from the bench. Mario Rosas explains that "I remember conversations with Xavi that told me that foreigners with top level did not know how to adapt to the style of Barça, and you detected it in the rondos or in the preservations."

For example, André Gomes or Paco Alcácer, are players who were indisputable holders in their previous teams and who failed to consolidate in the first team of FC Barcelona. In the club it is not only the demanded to win each game, it is also the way in which it is achieved. The adaptation is complicated and, for that reason, to be soccer players and to exercise it in the best equipment of the world is not easy at all. It requires patience, persistence and a lot of work. "The key to reach the first team I think is above all the perseverance, dedication and work, and why not, having a bit of luck also helps to have the opportunity to arrive, once there you have to try to enjoy it and take advantage of it to the maximum. But you also have to be realistic and know that it is very complicated due to the very high level there is as it is a very large club that at any moment have the power to make signings from outside", explains Carles Planas who arrived as a youngster at the Barça to debut with the first team.

Another Carles, in this case Aleñá, highlights the difficulty many players have when they arrive at Barça. "It is very difficult to adapt to a game like Barça, even for players who are already established in the elite, and that is why it is important to have players prepared and trained in the quarry, because they understand very well how the first team wants to play and although there is another rhythm, rivals of great importance, and a much greater pressure, in what refers to the game it is relatively easy to make the jump because there is a thread that goes from the smallest to the first team".

Put in context, and in a moment where many wonder why there are no more players of the subsidiary having minutes, it is worth noting all the above and also adding that there are many players who have already passed that phase or who come with a very high expectation of minutes and with whom Valverde must know how to try to keep them plugged in. The problem is not the 11 starters, but the 11 substitutes who would not understand that a boy from the Masia passed them over.

The bench, the biggest problem for La Masia guys