Umtiti could need surgery

BNC | 29 de November de 2018

Umtiti during last season
Umtiti during last season

Samuel Umtiti reappeared against Atlético Madrid after two months injured, but the problems in his left knee

Samuel Umtiti was injured after the match in Leganés. He has been two months out and he finally came back in LaLiga last match against Atlético Madrid. Clément Lenglet has played greatly for him, but Umtiti is a top player in his place. However, he was out against PSV because of the return of physical problems in his left knee. 

On the one side, the medical services established him a specific recovery plan in which he has lost weight in order to strenghten the muscles. On the other side, the club informed that they are cautious with his recovery, and this last relapse has confirmed it. The club is in favour of the surgery, but not the player.

If Samuel Umtiti decides to be operated, he will be out for between four and six months. If Umtiti needs surgery, he will miss the rest of the season and then Barça would need to sign a center back. Currently, Barça is just playing with Gerard Piqué and Clément Lenglet, because both Umtiti and Thomas Vermaelen are out. During the winter window, the club will consider to sign or not another player.

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