The rift between Sandro Rosell and Pep Guardiola

BNC | 08 de October de 2018

Rosell and Guardiola coincided two years in Barcelona
Rosell and Guardiola coincided two years in Barcelona

Rosell was more concerned about the aversion towards Laporta than about the sport planning

Sandro Rosell and Pep Guardiola began their friendship at the time when Pep was a footballer of the first Catalan squad. His relationship was good then but it was consolidated when Sandro (at that time had a management position at Nike) helped Pep's brother, Pere Guardiola, to enter the American multinational. As a result of that work in Nike, Pere was taking experience and mainly contacts to finish entering the world of the representation of soccer players (at present represents Luis Suárez, Andrés Iniesta and Thiago Alcántara, among others). The relationship that had been forged between the two suffered deterioration, especially caused by third parties. Pep, grateful to his supporters, Joan Laporta and Johan Cruyff, defended them until the point that the disagreements with Rosell came after controversies where both Laporta and Cruyff were involved.

In fact, since the beginning of the Rosellista mandate, there was no longer a good feeling because Guardiola had the feeling that Rosell was more concerned about the aversion towards Laporta than about the sport planning. Sandro used more energy in relating the supposed misery in which the club had left him than dealing with purely football issues. Rosell said: "The club was in technical bankruptcy, because the funds were negative”. The noise created by Rosell came as a ring to justify certain decisions.

The first and most important, the entry of the Qatar sponsorship. The second and the one that hurt Pep the most, the justification of the sale of Chigrinsky to supposedly be able to pay the payroll of the rest of the players. A mean decision according to some and that affected Pep, he felt a debt with the Ukrainian. The impotence was such that Pep came to mourn the loss of Chigrinsky because he had lost moral authority in front of a footballer in which he had hopes and even came to ask Rosell why he kept him as coach if he pointed out to him as the culprit of all the evils.

Added to the sale of Chigrinsky, there was another episode that bothered Pep: the message that the club had sent in clear allusion to the Catalan technician explaining that the sale of Ibrahimovic had been a ruin for the institution (it should be remembered that the Swede left for a problem of understanding with the technician). On a sporting level, Pep was disenchanted because he felt uncomfortable when he saw that there was an erosion of the club in which Rosell spent more time acting as a spectator than as a protagonist. Rosell moved away from Pep. And from someone very important to Pep, Johan Cruyff. The Dutch saw as the board of directors of FC Barcelona chaired by Sandro Rosell, through his spokesman Toni Freixa, said that the figure of the honorary president was not reflected in the club's bylaws and obliged him, morally, to return the medal.

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