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BNC | 05 de November de 2018

Messi scored two goals against Betis
Messi scored two goals against Betis

Messi was not totally recovered so he did not play against Milan, against Betis he showed hist best but still conditioned for his injury

Leo Messi was injured on October 20 in the match against Sevilla. The captain fractured his right radius and was expected to be out for three weeks. However, the recovery has evolved greatly and Messi has been training with his teammates in the last week.

Against Betis, Messi came back to the line-up. He leadered Barça's attacks and was always the guide on the forward. However, the Argentinian was still conditioned for his injury and he did not break free. But, he was able to score two goals and he was near to lead the come back against Betis.

Valverde decided that Messi could travel to Milan and train before the match. Ernesto Valverde told that they did not want to take risk with him, because any fall would be dangerous for him. Now, Messi will come back after the international stop 100% recovered.

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