"I'm more concerned about being a good person than being the best player in the world"

BNC | 02 de October de 2018

Messi talks inside and outside the pitch
Messi talks inside and outside the pitch

Although Messi is the best in the pitch, he also has a large list of great quotes

"Without the help of my teammates, I would not be anything at all, I would not win titles, or prizes or anything".

"With the referees and the rivals I talk more, with the teammates it is not necessary, we played together so much that we understand each other with a look".

"I'm more concerned about being a good person than being the best player in the world”.

"The day it seems there are no improvements to make will be a very sad day for any player”.

"There were games in which I did not pick one, but I was always aware that I was the number one critic with myself”.

"Rijkaard was the most important coach for me, he trusted me at the right time”.

"When I was a child, my friends called me to leave but I stayed at home because I had training the next day”.

"I left my family to start a new life, I changed people, friends ... Everything I did, I did for football, to achieve my dream".

"If it were me, I would stay at Barcelona for the rest of my career”.

"The day I do not enjoy the field; I will leave football”.

"I feel bad when we lose, I get angry and I do not want to talk to anyone”.

"Barcelona is my home, both the people and the club have given me everything”.

"Ronaldinho was a great help to me, it's never easy to enter a dressing room at the age of 16”.

"When I walked into the locker room and saw Henry, I did not dare look him in the face, I knew everything he had done in England”.

"I would change my five Gold Balls for a World Cup".

"I worry more about being a good person than being the best player in the world"

"In the end, when all this is over, what do you get? My intention is that when I retire I will be remembered for being a good guy. I like to score goals, but also to have friends among the people I've played with. It is good that they value you as a person, that they have a good concept of you beyond putting many goals "

"I feel bad when we lose. I get angry and I do not want to talk to anyone "

"Today everything changed and the young are no longer so shy and enter light. They enter in another way "

"There are clubs with a lot of money and the soccer player now moves because of that, the one who puts the most money is where he ends up going".

"The truth is that I find it hard to get up after a hard blow, like the rest of the team. They have to spend a few days to talk about the subject "

"I do not consider myself the best, I think I'm another player. On the court at the end we are all the same when the games begin. I always try to outdo myself. I always was like that "

"There are times when you notice that the good things in your country are the ones that make you happy and the bad things, the ones that hurt the most"

"What defines us most is that we Argentines have always been able to overcome the difficulties that arose"

"I had to leave the country when I was very young and I miss a lot of things"

"Valverde is a sincere person who has no problem in telling you what he sees, he is a good person who knows football and who prepares a lot of games and talks a lot with the player".

"It never crossed my mind to play with Spain".

 "I would not like Neymar to go to Madrid, I would love it if I returned".

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