Forward alternatives without Luis Suárez

BNC | 10 de January de 2019

Luis Suárez is the unique centre-forward
Luis Suárez is the unique centre-forward

Luis Suárez is the current and the unique Barça's forward after Munir El Haddadi decision to leave the team and against Levante the coach will improvise the Uruguayan substitue 

Munir El Haddadi has decided to do not renew his contract with the club. In this sense, the coach Ernesto Valverde do not want him in the team because of the lack of involvement. As a consequence, Luis Suárez is the unique centre-forward of the team and he is playing every match. However, against Levante, Valverde has gave him a rest and it will happen in other matches in order to have him 100% ready to play in the more important matches.

So, without Luis Suárez and Munir, the coach will have to search for a substitute for the centre-forward position. Actually, Valverde has many options but any of them are a pure forward. The coach has recognised that he has though about Arturo Vidal. The Chilean has shown his goal instinct and his capacity to press and to combine. Malcom and Dembélé are similar options. Both are wings, they are fast and have ability to dribble. However, they do not have the physical qualities to fix the centre-backs rivals. Finally, Coutinho would be another option but because of his abilities, he could play as a false 9.

Or, what is more expected for other matches is to see Leo Messi as a forward with Dembélé, Coutinho or Malcom as wings.

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