Arthur: "I am proud of being compared with Xavi"

BNC | 25 de October de 2018

His match against Tottenham marked a milestone
His match against Tottenham marked a milestone

After Arthur Melo's performance in Wembley, the Brazilian has become fixed in Valverde's line-ups

Barça signed Arthur Melo this summer for 40 milion. Just a few people knew him and it was said that he was the new Xavi Hernández. Such a big comparison. However, after his great performance against Tottenham in Wembley, Arthur Melo has become a fixed in Valverde's line-ups.

He is a midfielder with a great touch of the ball and with a fast and a dominant ball management. Also, he has that way of spinning that is so typical of Xavi Hernández. After his great match against Inter Milan, Camp Nou ovationed him and the comparisons between him and Xavi became popular again.

During his statement, he confessed that is so proud about this comparison. However, he insisted that he still needs a lot of time to get close to Xavi's level. He finally said that he was really glad of the affection that the fans gave him.

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