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Xavi: "Players who leave Barça don't deserve to come back"

Xavi Hernández in his last match with Barça
Xavi Hernández in his last match with Barça

Xavi is an icon for the future Barça's players and he wanted to talk about that during an interview with Barcelona News Club.

How do you remember your stage in training football?

I went back from Terrassa. My father asked the club to place a taxi to the Vallès Occidental area, so I never slept in La Masía. I ate many times there, especially when we had a double session.
For me it was a great change: I have always been a culé, and I did not have the feeling that I could be for Barça. It was a surprise that they wanted to sign me because I had competed against them and they seemed very good to me. When you arrive there, you do not have to wear clothes, they give you the boots, and it was to enter a full dream. In soccer aspects, my first coach was Asensi, who has been an icon of Barcelona, ​​and taught you how to go, to dribble, to find a man free...

How about the Golden Ball?

It was the feeling of having made history collectively. The fact of being 3 players of Barça was a recognition of world soccer, not just three players, but a style of play. We were very proud, they were magical moments because you had the feeling that you dominated world football, who respected you, that they admired you. Three players from La Masia in the final of the Golden Ball as a celebration for Barça style. We touch the sky.

Talk us about the most important people in the club.

The coaches at the base are very important but, without a doubt, Cruyff has been the most important player in the history of FC Barcelona. And many people have believed in what Cruyff proposed as Joan Vilà, Seirul·lo, Benaiges, Martínez Vilaseca, and many others. When you practice this type of game you feel happy, because you are the protagonist, and this philosophy of playing and enjoying you is already taught from the base.

Despite your career, you could leave Barça.

There was a widespread current that had to change the style and I did not feel important. When I was 18 I did not see many possibilities to succeed in the first team, because Guardiola was, and I also had offers from outside, for example from Milan. In 2008, before the arrival of Guardiola I also thought of marching. We had been here for two years without winning with Rijkaard and the club made me arrive that they wanted to sell me. But I went to the Euro Cup, they gave me the MVP of the tournament and sheet Guardiola. And Pep was the one who convinced me when I asked for my role. He told me that he did not imagine a Barça without me. I'm a lifelong culé and I did not think so. However, players who leave Barça, do not deserve to come back.

Can the style be applied all over the world?

There are talent in the whole world and different ways to watch football but they always ask me wherever I went, how did we train at Barça, what exercises did we do? If you believe in the style of Barça, it is applicable throughout the world. It is a matter of thought and belief. It can be extrapolated around the world but you need daring. It is not easy, because the simple thing is to look for the second ball, the rebound, and our way of playing is the most complex one.

Why is important to have footballers formed in La Masía in the first team?

The times Barça won titles there were many players in the quarry. Barça's base has to be to strengthen the quarry and sign players out to make the difference. For players who do not come to make the difference, we bet on those of the quarry. The error of recent years is that we have not been reinforced with players of DNA Barça. Or Barça continue to bet on their quarry and style of play or can not compete with many clubs with more financial power. In addition, Barça is recognized by a way of playing and if it is lost, people will neither want nor admire so much the club.

Is it also important for the leaders?

Like Puyol, Víctor, Andrés or me, we always wanted everyone to be happy. We wanted to adapt to those from outside, to content the ones from within, mediate with the directive, and the home footballer has to lead in the locker room. The singing voices can not be foreigners, it has to be the people at home because there is more commitment, responsibility.

Xavi: "Players who leave Barça don't deserve to come back"