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Xavi, Messi & Iniesta

Iniesta, Messi and Xavi were the best footballers in 2010
Iniesta, Messi and Xavi were the best footballers in 2010

Probably the best footballers of the club have been formed in La Masia for years and have set up a fabulous alliance

Iniesta did not win a Golden Ball, nor Xavi, although they deserved as much as Messi, especially in 2010. Three vintage players with whom we have done the exercise of trying to find common ground, since although each one is different and brilliant separately, together they have formed a trident as footballers and as people who will hardly ever be seen again on a pitch. For the club, it was superb. Xavi Hernández himself says: "It was the feeling of having made history collectively. The fact of being 3 Barça players was a recognition of world football, not just three players, but a style of play. We feel a lot of pride, they were magical moments because you had the feeling that you dominated the world football, that they respected you, that you admired them. 3 players of La Masía in the final of the Golden Ball was like celebrating the Barça party and its quarry. We touch the sky".

The former FC Barcelona manager, Toni Freixa explains that "the three represent the three different ways of reaching the first team with a common denominator, the age of arrival at Barça. Xavi, that of the boy born in Catalonia who excels in the team of the people and who arrives at the perfect age to assimilate all the concepts and mechanisms that allow the jump to the first team with a solid base to become a reference player. Iniesta, that of the boy that the 'scouters' locate in a 7-a-side football tournament for their talent and self-confidence and who has a football life ahead of them in a club that rewards those who know how to treat the ball. And that of Messi, the guy who is breaking out of Europe but who is so good that it is worth making an effort to sign him because if his progression is maintained at Barça he can be a player of the period. "

Andreu Fontàs, who also coincided with them in the first team reiterates that "what they have in common is a huge talent that is even more relevant in Barça because in the way the team plays, the 3 fit as if they had been custom-made. Messi is the best in history, and Xavi and Iniesta are two profiles of players who without a portentous physique, have managed to be the best midfielders in the world. All three are technically perfect, they always know what to do with the ball and they improve each play, but not only do they know how to attack, but they also know how to play without the ball", concludes Fontàs.

One of those who coincided with the three, and in his best individual and the collective moment was Marc Muniesa: "For me, what they have in common is that they have been in the best Barça in history and they were three pillars of the team. They were technically the best players on the team. It was a spectacle, not only the matches but also the training sessions. In the rounds, games of possession, matches, you realized the quality they had. They are also humble, calm, and have grown up with shared values ​​at the base of Barça. The fact that they coincided with a generation with many players trained at La Masía was a plus in the game as well as in the desire to win and take the club to the top".

Lluís Carreras, a coach with a long career and a former FC Barcelona player, also emphasizes the personal part when we asked him about the LAX (Leo, Andrés, Xavi). "The education received by their parents, and La Masia is the main virtue they share and that is transferred to the playing field and public appearances. Apart from that, they share talent, effort, work, love for the club, respect the rival, help the youth, the homegrown players, they are icons of the club, and this is not only summarized having been nominated for the Golden Ball".

"I was in the best club, and in the best philosophy that fits with me. Also with Andrés, Busquets, Pedro or Piqué. We could give the best of ourselves under a model that by our characteristics helped us a lot. Messi is a world apart. Surely if I had gone to Atletico or Milan I would have not excelled so much. And the same can be extrapolated with the selection. Del Bosque and Luis Aragonés also believed in this type of football, "says Xavi Hernández.

And is that your best language is spoken with the feet. Iniesta said about his connection with Messi that "we are closer to speaking little. He is usually in one corner of the wardrobe and me in the other. We cross each other, we recognize each other, we get together. With a look, we already know what we want. Needless to say more. In the field, I like to have him close, especially if the game gets weird, hard, rough. Then, I say: 'Come, come, stand by me'. Grab the equipment, manage it, find me, give it to me. He is a modest person and as a player he is magical, everything he does with the ball is incredible. "Between Xavi, Iniesta and Messi there was always and there will be a different, magical connection. Xavi, Messi and Iniesta are a fundamental part of the history of La Masia, Barça and football. And they are under the values ​​that the club proclaims by a flag. An example, in sports and personal. Three vintage players who will be a paradigm for a long time. And well deserved.

Xavi, Messi & Iniesta