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The secrets of La Masia

La Masia trainers do not just focus on winning
La Masia trainers do not just focus on winning

The search of talent is a complex process in Barcelona and trainers are focused in how the players can grow and develop their qualities. 

"The recruitment starts in football 7, we are mainly looking for in Catalonia and with a special profile. We focus on a 99% in la Masia players from Catalonia and from age 12 we will look for that player that we lack in the state market, since European players can not be incorporated until 16 years. Catalonia is again the axis of the signings of Barça in benjamines", explains the trainer Jordi Roura.

On the other hand, Albert Puig emphasizes that "in Barça they clash with many more players of the highest level and a collective game philosophy that they have to assimilate. Little by little they learn our typical position game. The first three months are an adaptation period. They finish the first year assimilating the new concepts and usually exploit their talent for the benefit of the collective from the second year".

For the club, "winning or not winning a League in a grassroots category is not important, the important thing is to have in each team at least 3-4 players with a special quality that can have a tour in the club. This policy of recruitment does not look at the short term, and sometimes it can mean you can not aspire to win a League, but that is not the priority. Competing is part of the training, but winning is not the ultimate goal, it is a consequence of having done things well", says Jordi Roura.

On the other hand, the person in charge of methodology of the Youth 'B', Marcel Sans explains that "training and competition have to be linked. The competition is very necessary but if you want the player to play better, you have to teach him to identify different elements of the game on the field. You have to create a training process based on the improvement of the player, not the result. If you prioritize the competition a lot, you will have very competitive players but it will cost them more to evolve individually and collectively. If you are able to play better, you will be able to be more superior to the rival, and then to win. "

Barça has a unique model and a methodology that has been the result of many years of work, but in order to preserve, maintain and evolve it will be essential for players who are able to interpret it. The value of these assets is difficult to quantify because it is not reflected in the accounts of the clubs, beyond the savings that implies the less need to go to the transfer market, but intangibly, the power to have players that guarantee and make sustainable a style are the greatest patrimony that a club can have, and more one that presumes to be more than a club.

The secrets of La Masia