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Sergi Samper: "La Masia has been my training center both at a sporting level and at a personal level"

Samper has reached the first team
Samper has reached the first team

He arrived in La Masia when he was 6 years old. Since then, he has been promoted to the first team. However, he has had bad luck with the injuries and he could not have regularity.

"When they told me that I had to leave on loan, they tried to keep me calm and, above all, explain that everything adds up to football. Piqué, for example, told me that the year he was on loan at Zaragoza was a difficult experience, but very beautiful. And that made him mature a lot. I grew up many years ago".

Samper himself explains the importance of being players from the youth academy in the first team: "First for a feeling theme. Nobody feels more the colours and is more identified with the club than the people from here. And second because the players trained here already have this Barça DNA impregnated, which allows us to maintain the style of play expected of Barça".

"La Masia has been my training center both at a sporting level and at a personal level. I entered Barça when I was only 6 years old, and I've been practically my whole life".

Sergi Samper, soccer player of the club during more than 14 seasons, is clear that "the players who have reached the elite have in common an innate talent but above all a lot of perseverance in working and knowing how to stay strong in the face of adversity. Those who have not arrived can be for different reasons from lack of work and perseverance to lack of luck".

Sergi Samper gives some reasons why so many pack their bags: "First for economic reasons. In the end what they offer you in other countries can not be bought with what they offer at Barça economically. And second, many times at a sporting level outside of Barça, you think you have more chances of winning because there is not as much level in the first team as there is in Barça".

In the words of Samper, who lived close to some cases of sanctioned players explains: "It was unfair because it does not make sense to punish children who are not at fault and leave them without playing for years. If a few years ago this rule had existed, Messi could not have signed for Barça".

Sergi Samper: "La Masia has been my training center both at a...