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García Pimienta: "It seems that if you do not reach the first team before 21 you are late"

He is the currently most veteran trainer
He is the currently most veteran trainer

Francesc Xavier García Pimienta is the most veterant trainer Barça. He has been in the club since 2001 and, apart from this, he also had been a footballer. As a forward he played in Barcelona for 12 years. 

"The first team of Barça would have to be a base of players of the Masia and complemented by the best players of the world in the positions in which you can not generate them in the lower categories. And the costume leaders are always players who feel the club, who have formed here, and who lead under the values ​​that the club wants to move", explains Francesc García Pimienta.

In a current context subject to immediacy, the need to be the first, players are no exception. "I remember my debut with 21 years old. And I was very young. Now it seems that if you have not debuted at that age you're late. In football and in general in life, everything has been accelerating. I remember the generation of Calderé, debuting with 25-26 years. However, now with 18 years old they are in a hurry to debut. This haste, sometimes generated by the environment, highlights even more the importance of having a good head, "explains García Pimienta, who sees him constantly with the players of the subsidiary.

Franc García Pimienta, the coach who has spent more years in Barça's formative football, describes it knowingly: "It can be definitive, right or wrong. I have lived many cases of players who, if they had a different accompaniment, more based on humility and patience, would be in the elite. And on the contrary, I've seen guys who surely would not have reached the elite without the intervention of their closest environment".

Everything is part of a process. “When they reach the age of 16, we will have a direct impact on preparing them to face this new challenge in their professional career, but what we maintain is how old they are, they feel cared for, loved and part of the great communion that represents Barça”, concludes García Pimienta.

García Pimienta: "It seems that if you do not reach the first team...