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Carles Aleñá: "Barça DNA remains throughout the years"

Carles Aleñá has been promoted to the first team
Carles Aleñá has been promoted to the first team

He reached to FC Barcelona very young, when he was 8 years old and has completed a trajectory for all the youth teams until reaching the first squad.

What remains in common between all the categories of formative football to first team?

Above all, since I arrived, control and pass, play easy, is what I have learned the most. Now I see the fry, and they play as they did a few years ago, with evolutions and nuances but it is the same philosophy. Even the workouts are similar, (games of position, rondos, evolutions) and that indicates that the Barça DNA remains throughout the years and in all the categories.

Why first squad needs to promote players formed in Masia?

It is very difficult to adapt to a game like Barça, even for players who are already consecrated in the elite, and that is why it is important to have players prepared and trained in the Masia, because they understand very well how the first team wants to play and although there are another rhythm, rivals of great importance, and a much greater pressure, in what refers to the game is relatively easy to make the jump because there is a thread that goes from the smallest to the first team.

The dream of playing in the Camp Nou.

Playing at Barça is the greatest thing. In my case it is what makes me happy, I have always dreamed it and I have wanted it since I arrived with 8 years. Football does not end at Barça, that is clear but my thought has always been that one does not leave Barça, they throw him out. If in the club they count on you, and you are from Barça, you do not have to have more motivation than that. We have seen him with Iniesta, who has done everything in the club of his life, and who is leaving not only having been one of the best in the world but also being happy. We work to reach and consecrate ourselves as Sergi Roberto, Iniesta, Busquets ...

What do you learn above from all the football things?

It is a club that always teaches you to be humble, to respect your teammate, your opponent, the coach, and it is very important because in the lower categories you are used to beating, and you must always maintain humility, inside and outside the pitch.

Do you remind any special anecdote?

I remember with special affection an anecdote with the Spanish team (we were 17 years old) together with three teammates with whom I grew up in Barça (Cucurella, Dani Morer, Carles Pérez). We had tied for the qualification against Israel and we had half a foot outside the European. I was in the room with Morer, and we kept crying, and we went to the room of Cucu and Carles and they were also crying. We began to embrace each other and we said to each other: it's going to get out of this. We played against France that was the champion of Europe, and we did not sink, on the contrary. We tied and we could go to the European. I will always remember that moment because it was very beautiful and shows how we feel this sport.

Carles Aleñá: "Barça DNA remains throughout the years"