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Núñez, the president of the changes, has died

Josep Lluís Núñez (1931-2018)
Josep Lluís Núñez (1931-2018)

He presided Barça between 1978 and 2000 and in the club is remembered because he won the first European Cup

Josep Lluís Núñez (1931-2018) was the FCBarcelona president between 1978 and 2000. Since the first day it was clear the he was someone special, a person that would affect the club. After 22 years of his presidency, his legacy is still present in Barcelona. 

Núñez changed Barça's mind and adapted it to the new era, he got over the dark times when Real Madrid was always superior and he set up a winning mentality. Also, Núñez made FCBarcelona an important team who deserved the best players. Under his presidency, he always signed the best players of the moment. During these 22 years, footballers like Simonsen, Alexanko, Quini, Schuster, Maradona, Koeman, Stoichkov, Ronaldo or Figo arrived to the club.

In a social sense, he expanded Barça's brand all over Spain and over the world as it is happening nowadays. Moreover, he gave more power to the basketball and the handball in Barcelona. Barça became more than a club. Also, although it could be obvious, he started to demand to be paid for the TV rights in a time when only Real Madrid was paid for the televisions. He expanded the Camp Nou, constructed La Masia and the Miniestadi.

For sure, his best era was in the 90s. He signed Johan Cruyff in 1988 and after a first adaptation period, the Dutchman created the 'Dream Team'. They won four LaLiga trophies in a row and what is more important, Barça won the first European Cup of its history in Wembley. Under his legacy, Barça won 27 titles.

However, as it was usual with Núñez, he fired Cruyff after huge arguments. These conflicts were presents from the first day. He reached power after a polemic elections in which one of the candidates was blackmailed. Also, Cruyff was not the only with who argued, most of the players discussed with him like Maradona, Guardiola or Figo. And what is more, in 1988 the whole team, except from Lineker, Schuster and López, asked for him resignation in the famous Hotel Hesperia riot.

He reached the presidency after being an important businessman in the building market. In the latest 60s he set up the company Núñez y Navarro and he started a construction polemic era in Barcelona. He destroyed some of the greatest modernist buildings in Barcelona as Casa Trinxet. He had an agressive way of acting, he speculated and destroyed the original neighborhoods life because of the gentrification. He had to deal with the justice due to the numerous complaints for his business. The journalist Josep Maria Huertas told that "he did not believe in Barcelona, he believe in his business". Finally, he went to jail in 2014 because of the Hacienda case. In 2011 he was sentenced to six years of jail for corruption. He bribed tax office inspectors due to profits for his company Núñez y Navarro. Finally, his sentence was for two years and he just spent 71 days in jail.

Núñez, the president of the changes, has died