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Neymar's signing

Neymar with Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu in summer 2013
Neymar with Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu in summer 2013

Sandro Rosell had had to go through the courts for not exerting a transparency policy in the club

After the departure of Sandro Rosell from FC Barcelona, ​​it was speculated that the numbers of Neymar's contract could have been the cause of the president's decision, and although that had not been the reason, he had had influence. Rosell had had to go through the courts for not exerting a transparency that he could have professed had it not been for professional modesty. Something that, with the arrival of Bartomeu, broke. After the proclamation of Bartomeu as president there was a fact that angered Rosell: the publication of the numbers of Neymar's contract that Sandro had already shown before. It was at a meeting where President Sandro Rosell, Neymar's father and then communication director, Xavi Martín, were present.

Martín asked the person known as 'Pai do cracke' if it was possible to publish the contract and transfer numbers to maintain the standards of transparency with which the operations in Can Barça were executed. The proposal did not please Ney's father (the father was aware that he was going to reveal that he had charged an exorbitant amount for the transfer) but decided to accept and gave them free rein to do what they needed if that helped the club and its leaders to have more credibility.

Finally, Rosell thought that it was not necessary since there were some figures that could be detrimental to the image of the club, both to the amateur and to the top spheres, who could dedicate themselves to delving into a possible gap. Thus, a transparency exercise was dispensed with, which Bartomeu, as president, did use months later, showing the Brazilian's contract.

During the three hours of Sandro Rosell's declaration in the court, the former president wanted to inform the judge that he did not know all the details of the operation, and that the legal services did not inform him about the tax issues of the agreements that Barça signed with the different companies. of Neymar's father. In addition, in his speech at the National Court, the former president exonerated Josep Maria Bartomeu and Javier Faus and acknowledged that 301,000 euros were paid for Neymar's friends and family members to attend the presentation.

Rosell also revealed that Tito Vilanova asked Neymar to arrive in the summer of 2013 and not in 2014, as planned, a fact that supposedly made the handover more expensive. In his statement, Rosell justified the agreements with the three companies of Neymar's father, although he admitted that in 2011, when the agreement was reached with the player, Barça did not know that these companies existed. One of these companies is NR Sports, to which Barça paid four million euros to seek sponsorships in the Brazilian market. NR Sport, however, was guaranteed the full payment of the first annuity (800,000 euros), without the need to provide any new contract at Barça. Judge Ruz asked Rosell: "Does it seem logical that an amount be agreed upon and a degree of compliance not be demanded?" The ex-president's argument was that this money is paid to help the company NR. Sport to settle in Barcelona, ​​regardless of the work you do. Some quirky preferential rights

Rosell also defended the payment of 400,000 euros per year to the company N & N Sports Consulting to control the Brazilian footballers market. "In addition to caring for these players, all good players from Brazil and the area will want Neymar's father to represent them. It is a power of attraction generated by famous agents", he explained, citing as an example Pere Guardiola, brother of the Bayern Munich coach, and Jorge Mendes, representative of Cristiano Ronaldo. These 400,000 euros a year to N & N Sports Consulting should also serve to control the three players for whom Barça had a preferential right. The club paid for this privilege 7.9 million - although one of them, Víctor Andrade, has gone free to Benfica this year. "To have someone there, following them, following the matches, following if the coach trains them well, if they have been left out of the call, if the value has decreased," said Rosell, who wanted to defend the soundness and solvency of the business conglomerate of the father of the player, some societies that have buildings of "six floors" and "50 workers".

Rosell also defended the payment of 40 million Neymar's father: "He asked us 45 million, and then I got it down to 40", said the former president, who said he only coincided with the father of the player once, in 2011, in Miami After sealing the agreement, the father asked for a money in advance.

"We told him: Until the law allows us, we will not explain it, we will not explain the subject of your son, because I know they will kill him, physically kill him", he told the player's father. For Rosell, paying 40 million dollars allowed him to put in a "200 clause." That is, we earned 160 million euros in one day. It's not bad. "Rosell completely exonerated Bartomeu and Faus, who signed documents for "protocol".

Neymar's signing