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Marc Roca: "I focus on Busquets"

Marc Roca in a press conference
Marc Roca in a press conference

Football, as life, can change fastly. A player can change ostracism for a main role in just days or weeks. The arrival of Joan Francesc Ferrer 'Rubi' as RCDEspanyol coach has been a boost of confidence for the club. But specially for Marc Roca (Vilafranca del Penedès, 1996).

Last year you did not play, now you are a fixed in the line-ups.

The coach confidende has been the main reason of the change. Finally, the most important is to have minutes to show your style and that you deserve to play. I am the same from last season, I am training great and we are in a good moment despite last matches.

Did you doubt about yourself?

No. Although there was a period when I did not play, I did not surrender because I know that in football there are both great and bad moments. When a new coach arrives, there cames hope. I think that it could be a great season and I want to keep learning. At the end, you can reach what you want by working.

Were you near to leave the club last year?

Yes, I had the chance to leave as every year since I am here. But I did never consider it.

Do the team protect and dare you?

I always have been protected and the teammates have helped me. We are a united group and this is what makes us great. We just work in the same direction. Last year was difficult for me and the mates supported me. When you work hard, the others know it and respect you.

Did your personal training help you?

It is something I have done every year, also the club agrees on it. We are professionals and we just rest during two weeks on summer. Then we have to get ready because preseason is hard and we have to be fit. I really trust in training as during the season and just for taking care of myself.

Do you feel confident to respond to the coach?

He corrects me when I fail. Concentration and atention are very important for my position. I faced my situation with faith, I want to keep my level and to help the team. I try to do my best and what the coach asks me.

What is the main change between Quique and Rubi?

Basically, the way of playing and the idea. We want to have a main role, to keep the ball and to dominate the opponent. We want to enjoy with our way of playing, touching the ball and also to enjoy the fans. Rubi wants an ambitious team with no limits.

The fans really love you.

I have always felt it. The fans have supported me and when I play they respond fantasticly. I have always received their support and applause. Also, when I did not play last season, they applauded me when I did. This is very important for a player.

Why do you think people is excited with this Espanyol?

I think that fans are glad to see a team that wants to have a main role and are agressive. People feel represented with that. We are confident and want more. We want to see people in the stadium and that they feel identified with us. We can reach nice things, but we have to keep working on this way.

Do you think you can be an exemple for the young players?

I have just started my career, but everything arrives by working. When things are not ok, chances arrive just by working and trusting in yourself. When a player does not play, he has to give everything.

What does it mean to play wearing the '21' from Dani Jarque?

It is an incentive and a honour. The number 21 is very important for this club and I try to wear it as Dani did.

Who is your idol?

My idol has always been Raúl Tamudo. For me and for all Espanyol fans he is a legent. But a player who played in my position that I really love is Xabi Alonso. I think he was spectacular, he did not lose balls, he organised his team, he played easily and he was always in his correct place. Xabi Alonso is an exemple for me.

Do you see yourself beyond Espanyol?

I do not know, everything can happen. I am comfortable here, the club has always treat me greatly. Currently, I do not consider it because I just think about the present.

Who do you like from Barcelona?

I focus on Busquets because he plays in the same position than me. He does not miss any pass and it is a basic skill for a player in our position.

Marc Roca: "I focus on Busquets"