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Wednesday. 26.02.2020


Lenglet: "We need to play more compacted to avoid that amount of goals"

Lenglet in a match against Athletic Club
Lenglet in a match against Athletic Club

Clément Lenglet has conceded an interview to TV3 where he has explained how he feels playing with Piqué and how the team is helping his compatriot Ousmane Dembélé

The centre-back Clément Lenglet arrived this summer from Sevilla. He was expected to be Samuel Umtiti's substitute. However, his last injury has conceded Lenglet a chance that he is not wasting. In an interview with the Catalan television TV3, Lenglet said that "I would like to keep playing even when Umtiti will be back, I want to make Valverde's doubt before he decides the line-up". 

The 23-years player has performed greatly next to Gerard Piqué, about he said that "playing with him is a pleasure and I would like to be his successor in the future, but I still need to improve many things". Although they have been a great cuple of defensors, Barça has conceded too many goals. About this stat, Lengled admitted that the team need "to play more compact to avoid that amount of goals". He added that "it is a priority because in the Copa del Rey or in the Champions League that would cost an elimination".

Finally, about last polemic with Ousmane Dembélé, his compatriot commented that "he is a great guy that has helped a lot the team and he will give better things. However, he is still young and we need to help them to grow as a player and as a person". Moreover, Lenglet added that Dembélé is "so motivated to show that he can compete in a high level".

Lenglet: "We need to play more compacted to avoid that amount of...