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How to reach Barça's Academy

That work around the world has its results in the Youth League
That work around the world has its results in the Youth League

For the club is as important to form children as a good players as to transmit values for improving their behavior in life

Barça football has been celebrating the world for several decades, but above all, the children who enjoy playing and who want to learn to practice it under the philosophy and identity associated with FC Barcelona. As in any field, there is no room for everyone so, despite the will of thousands of children and parents who want to enter the school, you need to pass some physical and technical tests. They are scored between 0 and 5 in each exercise and only those who have obtained at least an average of 3 points. In this way, the meritocracy is imposed at an early age, because for the club, the children who enter from school are important since they are the ones who begin to absorb the Barça philosophy from very young.

"Basically, our goal is for players to understand the idea of ​​the game, position game, situation, location. The way we want is a way in active pedagogy, with autonomous players, who make decisions, and in a model of learning under guided discovery. The protagonists are the players. Accelerates the growth process, both human and sports”, explains the coach Isaac Guerrero.

According to Alex Isern, a partner of Barça's Academy, the main objectives of a Barça school are:

"1) To give the chance to boys and girls to learn the values ​​and methodology of FC Barcelona.

2) To increase the number of followers around the world

3) To expand the Barça brand

4) Talent acquisition strategy

5) Source of income for the club "


Currently, FC Barcelona has more than 40 active Barça Academy, more than 170 campuses and close to 50 clinics, with a presence in more than 40 countries on five continents and with the participation of more than 40,000 children.. "The idea is, before being a good athlete, to be a good citizen", says José Edmilson, a former Barça player and current international ambassador of the Barça Academy.

Franc Carbó, FCBarcelona Football Director and very close to the Barça Academy, is satisfied that "every day there is a child playing under the methodology of FC Barcelona in the five continents, a fact that makes us feel very proud and that at the same time It demands to continue improving and expanding the Barça Academy project. When they come, it's because it's Barça, but if they were not satisfied when they arrived, it would be bread for today and hunger for tomorrow. Dubai is the place in the world where there are more international schools in the world. It happens that some of them go to other clubs, and then they return the majority".

How to reach Barça's Academy