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Dembélé's chaos

Dembélé in a Champions League match
Dembélé in a Champions League match

Dembélé played a great match against Espanyol but the next day he fell asleep and was late again

"What he gonna do? Do not sign a crack because he fell asleep?" This is the question that asks one of the responsibles of Dembélé's signing when BNC asks him why did Barcelona signed the player if they already know Ousmane's behavior in Borussia Dortmund.

FCBarcelona knew how Dembélé is but the club decided to sign him because though that the player would change. Barça trayed to find his family and friends involvement, but the club did not success. 

"Dembélé is such a scatterbraind and his friends do not help him", explain Barça's executive to BNC. The sports executives met Dembélé's manager and asked him for help to redirect Dembélé's behavior. The club tried that the manager could live in Barcelona, although he denied he compromised to take care of him. But it was useless. Dembélé fell asleep before a training session in November and he told that he was sick. But Barça's doctor visited him and found that his flat was a mess. Valverde punished him in the match against Betis.

A month later, the French fell asleep again. It has been just after the win against Espanyol with a great performance of Dembélé, with a goal and an assist. He was two hours later for the training session. He apologized, he told he was distracted and he trained alone.

The club will penalised him. But he will be distracted again for sure. He plays videogames until early morning and he also goes out partying. BNC has confirmed that he has went out to Dubai or Marrakech.

FCBarcelona know that is difficult to change the situation, but the club expects great matches from him in order to transfer Dembélé.

Dembélé's chaos