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Five UEFA Champions League in the museum

Barça's last Champions League was in 2015 in Berlin
Barça's last Champions League was in 2015 in Berlin

Barcelona has five European Cups / Champions: 1991-92, 2005-06, 2008-09, 2010-11, 2014-15. One with the old denomination of Glass of Europe and four under the name of Champions League.

May 20, 1992 is remembered date in the minds of all the Catalans. The legendary Wembley stadium witnessed how Barça's bad luck in their previous trips to Europe ended. 

The ghosts of the past disappeared with a goal of direct fault of the Dutchman Ronald Koeman, in the 111th minute of extra time. Sampdoria thus became the first European victim of the Catalans in a final of the European Cup.

Fourteen years the second Champions League was made to wait. Up to ten participations came to accumulate Barça in the maximum competition without success, including the final lost in 1994 against Milan Fabio Capello. The glory was made to wait until the revolutionary team composed by Frank Rijkaard was presented in the final of Paris, against the Arsenal of Wenger, with Pirés, Ljungberg and company.

A game marked by the expulsion of Jens Lehmann and ended with the victory of the Ronaldinho, Eto’o, Larsson and Belleti then. The latter scored the victory goal between tears of joy. The consolidation of the Barsa model left behind the second Liga-Champions double in its history.

Rome 2009. This scenario was the beginning of the Pep era of Pep Guardiola in Europe. Barcelona, ​​which came from a controversial semifinal against Chelsea, did not give options this time to his rival, a Manchester United led by a young Cristiano Ronaldo. The final score was 2-0 with goals from Eto’o and Leo Messi. Barça was greater than United and that trophy meant the first triplet of Barcelona’s history.

Spaniards and Englishmen returned to face each other two years later in a new European final. This time it was the mythical Wembley stadium in London that hosted the clash between the two titans. The match was a complete monologue of the Catalan team, who struck the first blow thanks to a goal from Pedro Rodríguez in the 27th minute. The British did not give up and responded in seven minutes with a Wayne Rooney goal, which beat Víctor Valdés and equalized the duel.

In the second half, the game script did not change. The Catalans maintained the siege to the opposite goal without giving opportunity to their rival. Rush that gave its fruit in the minute 54 with a goal by the star of Barcelona, ​​Messi. The Argentine drilled the net with a shot with his left foot from outside the area and aimed the future of the game. Despite going ahead, the Spanish team continued to attack and without any response from the Red Devils. The Catalans ended a great duel with a goal by David Villa from outside the box and who entered the square in the 69th minute. A goal that finished sinking the men of Alex Ferguson and sent the fourth ear for the Camp Nou.

Barcelona returned four years later to a final of the Champions League. The rival with which the glory was disputed was the Juventus of Turin. The Italians were planted in the final after defeating the current champion, Real Madrid. The match could not start better for the Catalans. The Croatian Rakitic scored in the fourth minute after a play born in the boots of Neymar and Andrés Iniesta.

Barça was the owner of the match with a Leo Messi giving a football recital. The clash seemed a carbon copy of his previous appointment against Manchester United. The bianconeros barely enjoyed times to disturb the goal of Ter Stegen and the Catalans were still approaching with danger to the goal of Buffon. The only time the Turinese could dream of the trophy was when Álvaro Morata chased a rebound into the area and put the tables on the scoreboard in the 55th minute.

That's when Luis Enrique's men turned to the rival field. 13 minutes after the equalizer, Luis Suárez gave Barça again the lead. The mood of the Juve dissipated completely and did not have any opportunity to seek the equalizer. A discouragement that resulted in Neymar's goal in injury time. This is how Barcelona lifted its fifth title and took the podium of the top winners of the Champions League, aiming to reach Milan.

Five UEFA Champions League in the museum