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The evolution of women's football

Barça's celebration of Copa del Rei title
Barça's celebration of Copa del Rei title

Although Barça's budget is lower than the European top female teams, Barça is improving its performance in the UEFA Champions League

The female Barça team not only has been consolidated in the Iberdrola League but also its presence in the Champions is increasingly sounded. The goal is to be at the level of the big teams of European football and for achieve this goal; they have a budget of one million euros, of which about 600,000 euros are used for the salaries of their players.

"Today each one receives about 6,000 euros more per year than what they received before. The budget has not yet risen what we would like, but we are improving”, summarized Xavi Llorens who was the head coach of the team during some years and that now is entirely involved with the professionalization of the section.

In addition, the structure has improved markedly and "now the work team is more complete: second coach, goalkeeper coach, physical trainer and a physiotherapist all day", explains Llorens. An improvement that also noticed the players, as Aitana Bonmatí, player of the first team explains: "I can say that it has been a big change compared to what it was before. Before the first team trained in the afternoon, like the youth teams. Now we are training in the mornings, five days a week, plus the game and making two meals at La Masía (breakfast and lunch). Salaries have also increased and foreign players have started to come. Bit would be impossible to imagine it some years before. The number of members of the coaching staff has also increased. Currently, it is more echoed in social networks than we do every day, something that was previously unthinkable and, in this way, people follow us more. In summary, it has been a very big change since the club put its trust on us and step by step we will grow more ", explains Aitana Bonmatí.

"I remember training and having a javelin fall very close to you. Sometimes a ball went away and you prevented an athlete from making a full race because you interrupted him. In l'Hospitalet Nord, the grass fell down so you can see the difficulty. The light in the middle of training was switched off because they did not think the female was there", says Llorens.

A bit far from the big teams

"The most socially advanced countries such as the Nordic countries, Germany, Japan and the United States, give a lot of importance to women's football," said former vice president of the club, Susana Monje. However, Barça still looks down on the great teams of Europe. In France, the Lyon has 4.5 million budget, while the PSG has six and the Wolfsburg of Germany has about four million to spend. "We are still far from the great powers, but it is a question of budgets, at mid-sized the situation will be different," explains Mestre.

"Every year we grow more. We are signing up foreign players with a level that can contribute a lot. Quality is not the problem but we are not yet at the level of the great European clubs. We have to work to get this strength, intensity and power, which allow us to compete against the big teams. Also, the tactic is very important ", emphasizes the member of the first team Aitana Bonmatí.

"Barça's women's football has become recognized by all, the stadium looks more crowded when we play and we left much more in the press. And all this is because the team has won it. Everyone is aware of what we are doing and they know the players, they know their names. Today, the girls are known. There are many people who wait after the games to take pictures with them, "says Llorens.

The evolution of women's football